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  • "Water is something you can't live without"

    Water is a necessity, and drinking and using clean water will help you stay healthy. But what do you do, if you don’t have access to water?

  • A (s)well Christmas gift for Malawi

    In December of last year, employees of DSV Denmark were able to donate the value of their Christmas gift to the Red Cross for the first time. It resulted in a donation big enough to establish a well in Malawi.

  • Collaboration with Danish Red Cross inspires DSV employee to help refugees

    When DSV Denmark encouraged employees to join the national Red Cross collection in October 2017, it sparked an interest to know more for freight forwarder Ronald Van den Broecke. He joined the collection and decided to volunteer and help make a difference for the less fortunate.

  • Building resilient communities in Malawi

    Recently, DSV travelled to Malawi to see the work, successes and challenges of human aid partner Danish Red Cross’ project.

  • Making a difference in Malawi

    DSV visited Danish Red Cross’ international project in Malawi to witness the impact of our support firsthand. The trip also allowed time to learn more about DSV Malawi.

  • Helping the help reach the victims of Hurricane Irma

    Red Cross sent provisions for a disaster relief base camp housing 80 people for three months in Florida Keys. With only 48 hours to dispatch, DSV was ready to help in the urgent situation.

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