DSV supports Danish Red Cross' international projects in Malawi and Togo

DSV supports Danish Red Cross’ international projects. The support goes toward enhancing the living conditions for poor or vulnerable families by training the locals in a variety of activities that help enhance living conditions and ensure access to fundamental necessities.

Building resilient communities in Malawi

The project in Malawi targets 150,000 of the poorest people, focusing especially on families with young children and schoolchildren.

The project has a holistic approach to creating resilience in the three provinces involved and includes ensuring access to basic healthcare, water and sanitation as well as disaster prevention. Examples of activities include:

  • Supporting schoolchildren with school uniforms, schoolbooks and school meal
  • Provision of latrines, water pumps and hygiene education
  • Training in disaster prevention

In November 2017, DSV visited the project in Malawi to learn more about the country’s need for aid and relief and to see the difference Red Cross makes. Go to Latest news to read the articles and learn more about the trip and the project. 


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