A (s)well Christmas gift for Malawi

In December of last year, employees of DSV Denmark were able to donate the value of their Christmas gift to the Red Cross for the first time. It resulted in a donation big enough to establish a well in Malawi.

Value of DSV employees Christmas donation provides for well in Malawi

‚Äč In total, the Danish DSV employees donated Christmas gifts corresponding to DKK 30.000 to the Red Cross. The amount is big enough to establish a well in a village in Malawi; a country visited by DSV last year in connection with our international human aid work with Red Cross | Red Crescent.

A Malawian village has up to around 500 inhabitants, who will all gain easy access to clean water and avoid walking 5-10 km to get water.

“502.000 yearly deaths are caused by dirty water and more than half of them are children under five. In Malawi, Red Cross works hard every day to establish points of clean drinking water – we purify water and build wells, latrines and sewers that all help save lives”, explains Carl Gustav Klemmed Lorentzen, Head of Corporate & Ambassador Relations in Danish Red Cross.

Thank you for the gift

”The accumulated Christmas donations from DSV enables us to build a well in one of the most vulnerable areas in Malawi. We’re thankful to all of the DSV employees, who chose to pay their Christmas present forward to Red Cross in 2017. Every donation will be of vital importance to a great number of people with no access to clean water i Malawi” Klemmed Lorentzen stresses.

You can learn more about DSV’s support to the Red Cross’ project in Malawi HERE 

Or you can take a ride with Consortium Coordinator Kirstine Primdal Sutton in THIS video and hear her tell more about the Red Cross' approach to building resilient communities in Malawi.