DSV sends support to Indonesian Red Cross for tsunami and earthquake victims

A USD 10,000 donation will help get the victims much-needed clean water, food, shelter and clothing.

DSV Donates to victims of tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia

On 28 September, a tsunami and an earthquake of 7.4 magnitude hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. The death toll is above 2,000 and the tsunami washed away hospitals, roads and many homes causing more than 75,000 people to flee their destroyed homes. 

In the aftermath of the tsunami, the survivors desperately need help, but the situation is unstable and unsafe, as the full extent of the damages is still unknown. The Indonesian army handles most of the transport of aid to the disaster struck area and only trained volunteers are recommended to go to the area.

Supporting DSV’s international human aid partner

Red Cross | Red Crescent is DSV’s international human aid partner, so DSV in Indonesia reached out to their local Red Cross to ask how DSV could best provide aid. That has resulted in a USD 10,000 donation to emergency aid from DSV to Indonesian Red Cross.

“Thousands and thousands of people have lost their homes following the tsunami and earthquake. We are working very hard to get to the victims that are still isolated, and we’re building shelters for the refugees, many of whom are currently in need of even the most basic necessities. With DSV’s donation, the Red Cross can help the victims gain access to e.g. clean water, canned food, blankets, tents and solar lamps,” says Anggun Permana Sidiq, Head of Sub Media Relations.

Jesper Petersen, Senior Director, Group CSR i DSV says: 

 “Red Cross are experts in providing disaster relief – but they can’t do it without support and donations. So when DSV Indonesia reached out to us regarding a donation to Indonesian Red Cross for the disaster that happened in their country, we were very happy to be able to help”

In addition, DSV Indonesia has made a collection among the employees to add to the company donation. They have collected close to USD 1,000 that will be added to the same pool of funds as the company donation from DSV. 

“Since the day of the tsunami and earthquake, we’ve been following the development in the aftermath of the disaster closely, seeing how the death toll keeps rising and the need for all kinds of aid just grows and grows”, says Lia Eliska, Senior Manager, Human Resources, DSV Indonesia. “Seeing the state of Sulawesi affects all of us in Indonesia, but DSV understands that time is of the essence in a disaster like this, so there was no hesitation in getting the donation to the Red Cross as fast as possible, allowing them to help the people in need.” 

DSV donates to Red Cross to help victims of tsunami and earthquake in Indonesia

Damage assessments still ongoing 

The Indonesian authorities are still working to assess the full extent of the damages, the total need for help and the number of refugees.

According to a report released by the National Disaster Management Authority in Indonesia on 11 October the status was that 2,073 persons have died, 10,679 are injured and 680 persons are still missing.

At the same time the infrastructure is in ruins, so it takes a long time to get to the isolated areas to provide the much-needed help and thus the emergency response period has been extended until 26 October.

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