215,796 families need humanitarian relief in Cox's Bazar

DSV supports Red Cross | Red Crescent in their efforts to provide essential humanitarian relief to the nearly 1 million refugees living in camps in Cox’s Bazar.

The picture above shows a child carrying a hygiene box with toiletries back to his family’s shelter in the refugee camp in Bangladesh.

The boxes are distributed by the Red Cross | Red Crescent together with food, water, health care, sanitation and shelter in the camps housing hundreds of thousands of refugees. The refugees are all fleeing from violence and persecution in northern areas of Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Since 25 August 2017, more than 900.000 people have crossed into Bangladesh making this one of the largest and most complex crises in the region in decades. 

DSV’s financial support helps Red Cross | Red Crescent secure shelter, non-food items and reducing the disaster risk.

In addition, Red Cross are working to create a safe environment for the many families from Rakhine who have lost everything and have been living in fear of persecution. Red Cross | Red Crescent sets up lights in the camps, secure easy access to potable water and creates segregated toilets and shower facilities, as well as stable footpaths.

DSV's support will enable Danish Red Cross to continue to play a critical role providing essential humanitarian relief in this massive international response.

Key figures

  • 923,000 people (215,796 families) have fled violence in Myanmar for Cox’s Bazar
  • 14,000 people arrived from 1 January to 1 October 2018
  • 254,180 people reached with Red Cross Red Crescent assistance
  • 166,000 patients treated in Red Cross Red Crescent health facilities